How to Change Language on Mercado Libre App

In today’s globalized world, e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives. Mercado Libre, a prominent online marketplace, has gained massive popularity, catering to millions of users worldwide. However, not all users speak the same language.

To provide a seamless user experience, Mercado Libre allows users to change the language on its app, making it accessible and user-friendly for people from different linguistic backgrounds. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps of changing the language on the Mercado Libre app, ensuring you can browse, buy, and sell with ease, regardless of your native language.

Why Change the Language on Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre’s vast user base extends beyond Spanish-speaking regions. To cater to an international audience, the platform supports multiple languages, making it more inclusive and user-friendly. Changing the language setting allows you to interact with the app in a language you are comfortable with, offering a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Creating an Account (If You Haven’t Already)

Before you can access the language preferences, you need to create an account on Mercado Libre.

If you don’t have one, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Mercado Libre website or open the app.
  • Click on “Sign Up” or “Create Account.”
  • Fill in your details, such as name, email, and password.
  • Verify your account through the link sent to your email.

Logging into Your Account

If you already have a Mercado Libre account, log in using your registered email address and password.

Accessing the Settings

Once you are logged in, navigate to the top right corner of the app or website. Look for the “Settings” or “Perfil” option (the icon resembles a person’s silhouette) and click on it.

Language Preferences

In the settings menu, you will find various options related to your account. Look for the “Language” or “Idioma” option and click on it.

Selecting Your Preferred Language

After clicking on the language option, a drop-down menu will appear, displaying the available language options. Scroll through the list and select your preferred language from the choices available. Once selected, the app will automatically change the language to your chosen one.

Benefits of Using Mercado Libre in Your Native Language

How to Change Language on Mercado Libre App

Improved User Experience

Using Mercado Libre in your native language enhances the overall user experience. You can effortlessly navigate the app, find products, and communicate with other users, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Enhanced Navigation

Understanding the app’s features becomes easier when using your native language. You can access various sections, such as “My Account,” “Orders,” and “Messages,” without any language barriers.

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Better Understanding of Product Details

When browsing products, understanding the details is vital for making informed decisions. With the app in your native language, you can easily comprehend product descriptions, specifications, and reviews.

Effortless Communication with Sellers/Buyers

Language should never be a barrier when communicating with sellers or buyers. By using your preferred language, you can effectively negotiate, ask questions, and provide essential information without misunderstandings.


How many languages does Mercado Libre support?

Mercado Libre supports multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more. The platform aims to accommodate users from various linguistic backgrounds.

Can I switch back to the default language?

Yes, if you ever wish to revert to the default language, you can easily do so by following the same steps to change the language in the settings menu.

Is the language change applicable to the entire app?

Yes, changing the language in the settings applies to the entire app. All menus, buttons, and notifications will appear in your chosen language.

Does Mercado Libre offer customer support in all languages?

Mercado Libre provides customer support in various languages to assist users from different regions and language preferences.

Can I change the language on the website version too?

Absolutely! The language change option is available on both the app and the website, offering flexibility to users across all platforms.

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