How to Rearrange Photos in Album on Android

In this digital era, where we capture countless photos on our Android devices, keeping our photo albums organized has become increasingly important. When our photo collection grows, it can be frustrating to find a specific picture or create a visually appealing album.

Fortunately, Android provides several methods to rearrange photos effortlessly within albums. In this article, we will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring you can easily rearrange your photos and create beautiful albums on your Android device.

Before we delve into the steps of rearranging photos, let’s understand the significance of organizing photos in an album. An organized album allows you to find and relive cherished memories quickly. It enables you to showcase your photos in a visually pleasing manner, making it easier to share them with friends and family. By rearranging photos, you can create a narrative flow, highlighting important moments or events.

Selecting an Album

To begin, open the default photo gallery app on your Android device. If you don’t have one, consider downloading a reputable gallery app from the Play Store. Once you’re in the gallery, choose the album you want to rearrange. Android offers various album options, such as Camera Roll, Screenshots, and Custom Albums. Select the album that contains the photos you wish to rearrange.

Choosing Photos

After selecting the album, it’s time to choose the specific photos you want to rearrange. Android provides a thumbnail view of all the photos within the album, allowing you to easily identify and select the desired ones. Simply tap on the photos you wish to rearrange to highlight them. You can select multiple photos by tapping on each one individually or using the batch selection option if available.

 Rearranging Photos

Now that you have selected the photos, let’s explore different methods to rearrange them within the album. Android offers multiple approaches to cater to your preference and the capabilities of your specific photo gallery app.

Method 1: Drag and Drop

If your photo gallery app supports drag-and-drop functionality, this method offers a seamless way to rearrange photos. Within the selected album, enter the edit mode or rearrangement mode. You should see the photos in a grid or list view. Simply press and hold a photo, then drag it to the desired position within the album. Release your finger to drop the photo into its new position. Repeat this process for other photos until you achieve the desired arrangement.

Method 2: Sorting Options

In case your photo gallery app doesn’t support drag-and-drop functionality, you can utilize the sorting options provided. Tap on the “Sort” or “Arrange” button, typically represented by an icon with arrows or lines. This will open a menu with various sorting options such as “Date,” “Name,” or “Size.” Choose the appropriate sorting criteria, such as “Name,” to arrange the photos alphabetically. Alternatively, select “Date” to arrange them chronologically. The app will automatically rearrange the photos based on your chosen criteria.

How to Rearrange Photos in Album on Android

Method 3: Renaming Photos

Another practical method to rearrange photos is by renaming them with numerical prefixes. Enter the edit mode within the selected album and tap on a photo. Look for the option to rename the photo, usually accessible through the ellipsis (…) menu or a dedicated rename button.

Add a numerical prefix to the existing filename, such as “01“, “02“, and so on, indicating the desired order of the photos. Repeat this process for all the photos in the album, assigning them the desired numerical prefixes. The app will sort the photos based on the alphanumeric order of their filenames.

Saving Changes

Once you have rearranged the photos to your satisfaction, it’s crucial to save the changes. Most photo gallery apps automatically save changes in real time. However, it’s advisable to verify that the changes are indeed saved. Exit the edit or rearrangement mode and navigate back to the album’s main view. Take a quick glance at the photo arrangement to confirm that your changes are reflected correctly. If everything looks as expected, you can be confident that the rearrangement has been successfully saved.

In conclusion, organizing your photo albums on Android devices can greatly enhance your photo viewing experience. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily rearrange photos within albums, allowing you to find specific pictures quickly and create visually appealing collections.

Whether you prefer the convenience of drag and drop, the flexibility of sorting options, or the simplicity of renaming photos, Android offers multiple methods to suit your preferences and gallery app capabilities. Embrace the power of organization and create captivating albums that showcase your most cherished memories.


Q: How to create a new album?

A: To create a new album on your Android device, open your gallery app and navigate to the main menu or settings. Look for an option like “Create Album” or “New Album.” Tap on it, provide a name for the album, and choose the photos you want to include. Save the album, and it will be ready for you to rearrange and add more photos.

Q: Can I undo changes after rearranging photos?

A: It depends on the gallery app you are using. Some apps offer an undo option immediately after rearranging photos, allowing you to revert the changes with a single tap or gesture. However, not all apps provide this feature. Therefore, it’s recommended to double-check your photo arrangement before exiting the edit mode.

Q: Are the rearranged photos reflected in other apps?

A: Yes, the rearranged photos should be reflected in other apps that access your photo gallery. Android’s default gallery app typically synchronizes changes with the underlying system, ensuring that all apps have access to the updated photo arrangement. However, if you are using third-party gallery apps, the behavior may vary, so it’s advisable to test the synchronization across different apps.

Q: What if my album doesn’t have drag-and-drop functionality?

A: If your album doesn’t support drag-and-drop functionality, you can explore alternative methods such as sorting options or renaming photos with numerical prefixes. Refer to the specific features and options available in your gallery app to find the User Continue writing please ChatGPT the most suitable method for rearranging photos within the album.

Q: Can I rearrange photos across multiple albums?

A: Unfortunately, the ability to rearrange photos across multiple albums depends on the capabilities of your specific gallery app. Some apps may offer a feature to move or copy photos between albums, allowing you to achieve the desired arrangement across different albums. However, not all apps provide this functionality. Check the options available in your gallery app to determine if cross-album rearrangement is supported.

With these straightforward methods at your disposal, you can easily rearrange photos within albums on your Android device. Take advantage of the drag and drop functionality, sorting options, or renaming photos with numerical prefixes to create visually appealing albums that tell the story of your memories. Start organizing your photo collection today and unlock the joy of reliving those special moments.

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