Top Two Hotels in The World

Hotel Hana is so synonymous with Marrakech that its legends are rooted in the history of the fascinating city of Bohemia. The Moroccan Grand Dame is as impressive and magical as ever.

Every inch of this palace-like property is designed to make visitors feel as if they are entering some royal property from an Arab kingdom. The oblique guard greets you at the grand entrance and waves “hello” in any language. It’s like entering a secret lounge bar hidden behind a market door.

Top Two Hotels in The World

1. La Mamounia

Reason. So why is the hotel integrated into the history of the city?

It is almost impossible to separate the modern history of Marrakech from the history of Mamounia. It was converted into a hotel in the early 1900s and belongs to the royal family, everyone from Franklin Roosevelt to Churchill has stayed. Jacques Garcia, the man behind Hotel Costes, who gave La Mamounia such a great look in 2009, is design sense.

How’s the room? What can we expect from our stay?

Decorated club. The Moroccan influence extends from the bathroom door to the ceiling, with dark wood and fabrics painted in light green and pink tones. Many have exposed intricate beam and tile ceilings. No NASA dashboard to reduce overhead. Many TVs, however, due to modern technology seem out of place in this fantasy world.

Top Two Hotels in The World

Are there good dining options on-site?

Flavors, pasta, and pigeon soup can be sampled in the generously designed main restaurant. You can also get a Chicken Club sandwich with potatoes in-room service until late at night. Sunday brunch has become a local institution. There are also French and Italian restaurants in the hotel.

Top Two Hotels in The World

How’s the service?

Warm, conscientious, and personal with lots of eye contact. We spent a warm minute waiting for the daisies by the pool.

Who can you see living here?

American traveler, Emirates daughter, French, British fashion designer, and young Chinese social. Kaftan and cigarettes. But writers, artists, everyone’s taste.

Is there a recreation area nearby?

Located within the city walls, making it easy to walk to the main sights and shopping – most of the other refugees are within driving distance of the city center in the desert.

What else should we see during our stay here?

There is a great overnight casino on site. Have fun if you want to continue the party. But the most dazzling detail has to be the swimming pool: Olympic size, champagne, and a host of waiters handing out cocktails and hummus.

Top Two Hotels in The World

Did you consult safety, and if so, why?

Everything looks so intricate and so intricate, tiled walls, silk ceilings, marble fountains, and huge gardens make sense when you get there.

Top Two Hotels

2. Waldorf Astoria Shanghai in Bundu

Spread over two buildings – 20 suites, 252 rooms in the beautifully renovated 1911 Shanghai Club, and suites in the newly built tower – this hotel is an outstanding tribute to Shanghai’s rich European past.

In addition to the luxurious colonial-style suites (hammocks, large wardrobes, and claw-foot baths), the old building, now called the Waldorf Astoria Club, features a 110-meter-long bar with ocean views. Maintain closeness. The neoclassical rooms – yellow and green linen upholstery, matching silk covers, swirling rugs with floral patterns – but all have modern amenities, bathrooms with Japanese-style mirrors and TVs, and toilet fountains.

(Don’t say you weren’t warned.) Aside from the bells and whistles, formal service, and unquestionable comfort, the most unique part of your stay here is the opportunity to see the local luxury community. Cakes are served during delicious red velvet afternoon tea at the elegant Salon de Ville, where Shanghai’s millionaires reimagine themselves as emperors of yesteryear.

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